If you are an international student in Australia and cannot continue your studies and wish to travel back to your home-country and leave your rental, you are advised to give a written notice utilising the RTA Form 13 and provide a 14 days’ notice of ‘intention to leave’ or a 7 days’ notice of intention to leave for a rooming agreement by using the RTA Form R13 which underlines the conclusion of the agreement with grounds or without grounds.

In case you seek to break a fixed term agreement with your lessor, you might be liable to pay compensation to the lessor for a breach of the lease or agreement unless you come to a mutual agreement with the lessor or agent regarding the termination of the agreement.

If you suffered financial hardship you can request a rent reduction, however proof about you circumstances such as personal finances must be submitted to RTA.

Property owners are prohibited from evicting tenants if their lease expires during COVID-19 public health crisis.

Any agreement about changes to the tenancy arrangement must be recorded in writing, including rent adjustments.

You should use the RTA General Tenancy COVID-19 special terms form (18D) to record the agreement. The form is available on the RTA website: www.rta.qld.gov.au/Forms-and-publications/Forms/Forms-for-general-tenancies

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