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The Australian immigration system offers various options and solutions for people wishing to enter and remain in Australia.

Our primary objective is to provide a personalized, prompt and confidential service and efficiently navigate you through the increasingly complex Australian immigration rules and regulations.

We have a wealth of experience in the area of immigration law, therefore you can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Being a boutique consultancy, we are flexible in our costing arrangements. We can afford to offer you considerably lower rates than the ones offered by larger immigration firms.

We are registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority and bound by the Code of Conduct.

With unmatched experience in Australian Immigration, Monika Hamerli, Migration Agent ( MARN 0849163) and her consultants are able to provide you with professional legal services related to the following matters:

  • Student Visas
  • Temporary Work Visas (Short Stay)
  • Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Family Visas
  • Skilled Worker and Professional Visas
  • Visitor and Working Holiday Visas
  • Bridging Visas
  • Citizenship & Resident Return Visas
  • Migration Review Tribunal Appeals




  1. Study and assess your personal profile according to the current Australian immigration  requirements
  2. Choose the visa category that you are eligible  to apply for
  3. Clarify and explain to you the immigration process
  4. Prepare and complete all forms relevant to your visa category
  5. Collect all relevant and supporting documentary evidence and ensure documents  comply with Australian standards
  6. Compose a submission letter outlining the merits of your profile
  7. Lodge your visa application package with the appropriate immigration office
  8. Inform you regarding the progress of your application once it is lodged and
  9. Notify you when a decision has been made


In case you are eligible to migrate to Australia, we will email you a proposal outlining which visa program you are eligible for as well as other information necessary to commence your odyssey to Australia.

In case you are not eligible to migrate to Australia, we will inform you via email. Alternatively we might advise you what other options you might have to work or study in Australia or inform you how to improve your chances of being eligible for a visa.


1. Book an appointment

2. We find the best visa pathway

3. We assist from start to finish

4. You're granted a visa!

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