Student and Graduate Temporary Visa


This visa is for you if you want to study full-time in Australia for more than 3 months.

Australia has a reputation of a first-class education provider all over the world.  Every year more than 200,000 international students study Down Under.

Studying overseas provides international students with a unique opportunity to meet, study and share knowledge with not only both Australian but also other international students.

To have an internationally recognised certificate or diploma and to gain experience in culturally different environment is not just a trend anymore. In today’s modern society, it is a must.

Who is this visa for?

To qualify for this visa, you must:

  • be at least 6 years old
  • be enrolled in a recognised education institution
  • hold adequate overseas student health cover
  • have access to adequate funds to support yourself during your studies;
  • meet English language requirements
  • meet specific requirements of the stream


You can study at private or government primary or secondary schools in Australia.

Primary schools are for students who want to come to Queensland to study i​n Prep (students aged 4 to 5) to Year 6 (students aged 10).

High school programs are divided into two categories:

  • Junior High School: Year 7 to Year 10 (students aged 12 to 15).
  • Senior High School: Year 11 to Year 12 (students aged 16 to 18).


Studying English in Australia is not only about studying in a classroom environment.

By studying English in Australia, you will obtain a wide variety of life skills. You will be studying in a multicultural environment and meet new friends from all over the world.

The English language teaching materials used at colleges in Australia are of high quality and the teachers are fully qualified.

We can offer you a huge range of English language courses in various colleges throughout Australia. You can choose from numerous English language programs that suit your needs such as General English, IELTS Preparation Courses, TOEFL Preparation Courses, Secondary School Preparation Courses, CAMBRIDGE Examination Preparation Courses, English for Business Purposes and Study Tour Programs and many more.

Course prices vary depending on the city and the college. The range is approximately between 200 and 350 AUD per week for ELICOS Courses.


Several private colleges as well as government institutions, called Technical and Further Education (TAFE) provide vocational education and training programs.

Vocational institutions are closely related to the industry in Australia and the courses incorporate a period of on-site learning.

By learning a vocational course you will be able to obtain valuable work experience within your area of industry. This can include administration, retail, tourism and hospitality, construction, utilities, community services and health, transport, mining, manufacturing, and technology.

Tuition fees vary depending on the course, city and the college.


There are around 43 universities and many other institutions offering higher education courses in Australia.

The most common types of higher education courses are Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. Generally the entry requirements for university studies are a satisfactory English language exam such as IELTS or TOEFL or ISLPR and a high school certificate.

Successful completion of your university studies in Australia is a perfect way to begin your career.  Australian qualifications are recognised by major professional organisations around the world. Moreover a degree can open doors for you to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

The Bachelor degree usually takes up to two-three years of study. To obtain a Masters degree you would be required to study at least for two years. In case you finished university at your home country you might be able to obtain Masters Degree in your field of study in one year.

What this visa allows you to do?

  • study
  • travel
  • work – a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session, and unlimited hours when you have holidays.

Am I eligible for this visa?

Temporary Graduate Visa

This visa is for international students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution.

Who is this visa for?

To qualify for this visa, you must:

  • be under 50 years of age
  • hold an eligible visa
  • meet the 2-year Australian study requirement
  • hold adequate health insurance
  • meet health and character requirements
  • meet English language requirements
  • meet specific requirements of the stream
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A visa in this stream is granted for 18 months.

In order to qualify, you:

  • must nominate an occupation which is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).
  • must have your skills assessed by a relevant assessing authority
  • must have met the Australian study requirement in the past six months
  • must have studied a qualification that is closely related to your nominated occupation.


A visa in this stream is granted from two to four years

In order to qualify, you:

  • must hold an eligible qualification (bachelor, masters or doctoral degree)
  • must obtain a degree at a registered Australian university or non-university education provider
  • must have met the Australian study requirement in the past six months

What this visa allows you to do?

  • travel
  • work
  • study

Am I eligible for this visa?